Jollof Republik

Jollof Republik is an all encompassing platform created to celebrate and preserve the rich culture, as well as to empower and unite individuals of African descent, catering to the career professional, socialite, student, entrepreneur, and community leaders.

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About Jollof Republik

Jollof Republik is a platform that connects people of African descent; a social networking app, uniting people of a common and colourful heritage.


  • Ethnic cuisine
  • Cultural events
  • Business Directory
  • Professional Associations


  • Unity
  • Culture
  • Relationships
  • Empowerment


  • Advertisements
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Professional development
  • Access to affordable services
  • Relationships

    Swipe Right & Match with the people of similar interests.

  • Restaurants

    Find your nearby Restaurants and know what they are offering.

  • Events

    Find about the events that are happening in the city.

  • Opportunities

    Looking for a new opportunity? You are at the right place.

  • Chat

    Chat with your friends and know more about each other.

  • Pics Sharing

    Exchange pictures and experiences with one another.

  • Emojis Sharing

    Express your feelings by sharing emojis.

  • Availability Status

    Check if your Friend is online or when he/she was last online.


Jollof Republik is a platform that connects people of African descent; a social networking app uniting people of a common and colourful heritage.


Take a tour of the app and discover hidden gems; GREAT people, GREAT food, and AMAZING events. Of particular note is the enriching, colorful and ever rewarding cultural experiences that unites us. Jollof Republik celebrates and highlights different cultures from the far West Indies to deep southern Africa. While you are at it, make sure you check out the different restaurants with mouth-watering and authentic dishes. Download the app and join the Republik!



Serving the student, business professional, socialite and entrepreneur, Jollof Republik highlights opportunities for career, personal and business development through various networking opportunities. With an extensive business directory, you can patronize business owners and industry experts, all of African descent for different products and services. And best of all, you can find a date or your future spouse, check our dinner options and great dating ideas all on the app. Indeed, Jollof Republik was created with you in mind!

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Fantastic app!! I'll definitely be checking out one of the Ethiopian restaurants.


I love it... definitely a fan.