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About Us

Jollof Republik is a networking platform created to unite individuals of African descent through a shared love of our colorful heritage.

Designed with you in mind, our platform empowers users to connect with other individuals from all walks of life to celebrate, collaborate, and work together to preserve our rich cultures. Whether you are a professional, a socialite, student, entrepreneur, or community leader, this platform is sure to have something for you! It was created to celebrate and preserve the rich culture, as well as to empower individuals of African descent. The platform caters to the career professional, socialite, student, entrepreneur and community leader.



Jollof Republik celebrates and highlights cultures from the far West Indies, to deep southern Africa, all sharing a uniting African heritage.

From GREAT people, to GREAT food, and AMAZING events, this app has been designed to help you discover the unique culture, cuisine and experiences that surround you. We invite you to take a tour of the app, explore new meaningful connections, and check out one of the many restaurants offering mouth-watering, authentic african dishes. Download the app and join the Republik today!

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